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Shearing machine blade maintenance methods.

With the development of technology-intensive industry in China, machine production is more and more important in industry. To ensure the benign development of industrial enterprises, there must be CNC processing equipment, such as shearing machine, bending machine, plate rolling machine and other equipment. Shearing machine is a kind of forging machine, mainly used in metal processing industry. Today we will talk about the shearing machine blade maintenance methods.

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The maintenance and repair of CNC shearing machine cannot be ignored.

Although many customers know that excellent processing equipment is a decisive factor to guarantee product quality, reduce material consumption, improve economic efficiency and enhance market competitiveness, parts damage and guide wear are unavoidable in the use of machine tools. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of CNC shearing machine cannot be ignored.

Correct use and timely maintenance is the key to maintaining the shearing machine.

  • Follow the operation procedure strictly.
  • Before starting the machine each time, add lubricating oil according to the lubrication chart on time, regularly and quantitatively. Also ensure that the oil must be clean without precipitation.
  • Check and repair switch, safety device, handle regularly to ensure its working reliability
  • Lubricate and scrub the machine tool before leaving work each day.
  • Regularly check whether the belt, handle, knob and key are damaged, and replace them in time if they are seriously worn. Don’t forget to report the replacement of spare parts.
  • Shearing machine must always be kept clean. Apply rust – proof oil to the unpainted parts.
  • The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and refilled regularly.
  • Check the electrical parts regularly to see if they work properly and safely.
  • It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment without designated personnel and operators must stop the machine when leaving away.

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