Automatic Shearing Machine Working Table

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanical AND Hydraulic Shears

From transmission mode, shearing machine can be divided into hydraulic shears and mechanical shearing machine. What is the difference between the two types of shearing machine? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Different transmission mode:

Hydraulic shearing machine is hydraulic transmission; mechanical shearing machine is mechanical transmission. SHEARCHY CNC shearing machine adopts good hydraulic transmission, which runs smoothly and reliably.

Different control accuracy:

Hydraulic shearing machine is generally numerical control; mechanical shearing machine is generally manual control. SHEARCHY CNC hydraulic shear adopts computer to realize digital program control, using the digital instruction composed of Numbers, words and symbols to realize the action control of the machine. SHEACHY CNC shearing machine is high precision, high quality and high performance.

Mechanical shearing speed is fast. But it has many disadvantages. Mechanical shearing machine working noise is big and cannot work at full capacity for long time. The adjustment of blade gap is very troublesome and takes a lot of time and effort. It is not suitable for long shears and heavy shears. Compared with hydraulic shears, the cost is higher. What is more, the safety performance is poor and the shearing accuracy is low. The technical improvement of mechanical shearing machine is very slow. Although some enterprises have improved the blade clearance adjustment of mechanical shearing machine and achieved rapid adjustment, the mechanical transmission do more harm than good and are easily damage the machine.

SHEARCHY CNC shearing machine is well-known for superior quality and high precision.

With the elimination of mechanical shearing machine, CNC hydraulic shearing machine has become more and more popular. Compared with mechanical shears, its running speed is a bit more slowly. However, it has lots of other advantages. High shear force and hydraulic overload protection reduce the damage to the machine tool. Equipped with electric back gauge and digital display, it is easy and quick to operate. Blade gap adjustment is rapid, saving time and effort. Most importantly, it can adopt CNC system, which greatly improves the accuracy of shearing. SHEARCHY CNC shearing machine is safe to use and easy to repair, well-known for superior quality and high precision.

Customers can choose the appropriate shearing machine according to their own requirements. As long as the shearing machine is suitable for production and processing, it is a good shearing machine. SHEARCHY Machine with its good brand, excellent quality, advanced technology and unique design has won domestic and foreign users praise and trust. WUXI SHEARCHY is committed to providing customers with high quality products and integrated, lifelong after-sales service!