Steel Plate Bending Roll Machine Photo

3 Roller Rolling Machine For Shipbuilding

SHEARCHY large 3 roller rolling machine for shipbuilding can be used in shipyard industry efficiently. SHEARCHY large rolling machines for shipbuilding have been exported to many overseas shipping manufacturers and obtain the consistent high praise.

SHEARCHY rolling machines are advanced in design, compact in structure, high in strength, convenient in use, stable in operation, reliable in quality and reasonable in price. SHEARCHY plate bending rolls are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and South America.

Special Features of Large 3-Roller Symmetry Rolling Machine for Shipbuilding:

  • All steel welding structure, equipment strong rigidity, using the computer finite element analysis method for optimization design calculation.
  • Fully enclosed design to prevent dust from entering
  • Both ends of the main roller of the plate roller are adjustable bearings.
  • The main roller is made of 45# steel through forging, tempering and medium frequency quenching.
  • The two lower rollers have multiple sets of supporting rollers, which improves the strength of the lower roller to improve the overall performance of the machine.
  • Adopt computer centralized control, operation is simple and convenient. NC control system and CNC control system are optional.
  • Use a centralized lubrication system.
  • The console is humanized and easy to operate.

Function of 3 Roller Rolling Machine for Shipbuilding

SHEARCHY 3 roller rolling machine for shipbuilding has the function of pre-bending and the working accuracy is higher. It can be applied for making wide arc type work piece. SHEARCHY rolling machines use high-tech hydraulic transmission, which works smoothly and safely. The overall appearance of SHEARCHY rolling machines reaches the level of foreign countries, with the advantages of convenient maintenance, high efficiency, long life and good environmental protection effect.

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