Metal Sheet Bending Machine punch and die photo

Introduction of Tandem CNC hydraulic press brake

Tandem CNC Hydraulic Press Brake is a kind of high end large bending machine, which adopts electro-hydraulic proportional synchronization technology, with the use of proportional valve, grating ruler, double machine linkage technology and servo control of rear material. It is widely used in air-plane, shipment, auto, engineering machinery, lamp pole, light pole, electric power pole and transformer, etc. Next, we will introduce WUXI SHEARCHY Tandem CNC Hydraulic Press Brake for you.

Tandem CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Performance Characteristics:

  • Two machines can bend together or work separately. Using hydraulic transmission, the operation is stable and reliable.
  • Side discharge device is specially designed for large work piece. It can cooperate with automatic feeding machine to improve working efficiency.
  • Each unit has a CNC system, and Y1 and Y2 on each unit can be programmed separately so that the bending can be deformed.
  • The frame is welded with steel plate as a whole, with a good appearance and sufficient strength and rigidity.
  • The compensation is automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, which is convenient and accurate.
  • The operation is smooth, safe and reliable and convenient. Good synchronization accuracy and strong anti-deflection capability.
  • Automatic front feeding device can improve the working efficiency.
  • The upper die is adjustable. The upper mold is provided with a gasket to protect the upper mold frame and reduce pressure loss.
  • The lower die has anti – indentation function
  • The machine body adopts separate assembly structure for easy transportation.

Wuxi Shearchy is good at producing bending machine

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