Steel Plate Bending Roll Machine Photo

Steel Plate Bending Roll fault diagnosis and maintenance involves a wide range of knowledge and strong professionalism. Rolling machine fault often occurs at the intersection of mechanical, electricity, hydraulic, gas and light. So, it is difficult to diagnose accurately. Thus, there are 5 requirements for the relevant personnel of CNC sheet metal roller machine tools.

Five Tips for Steel Plate Roller Machine Maintenance Person

Wide range of professional knowledge

The most professional users need to master:

  • Knowledge of electrical and electronic technology, automatic control principle, fluid transmission & control, mechanical transmission & machining
  • Numerical control principle and servo drive technology
  • Working principle of sensor and detection system
  • CNC programming method and can write simple machining program
  • Also, PLC workingprinciple and can write PLC program

Practical ability

What practical operations need?

  • Using cnc steel plate bending roll
  • Then, self diagnosis function, view alarm information and check PLC interface
  • Operate control system, check and modify the parameters of steel roller machines
  • Common tools and instruments for fault diagnosis and maintenance of sheet bending rolls

Reading ability of professional foreign language

It is mainly for the SHEARCHY high-end plate rollers. Because the numerical system and many accessories are imported. In addition, major metal plate rolling machine identifications and instructions will use English.

Able to read:

  • Should understand operation manual and technical data in foreign language
  • Operation panel of Cnc system and English information displayed by CRT
  • In addition, master and use alarm information in foreign language skillfully

Strong drawing and reading ability

  • Firstly, read drawings, and draw general mechanical and electrical drawings
  • Then, after physical measurement, he can draw the measurement schematic diagram of electrical or grating ruler.

Good professional quality

  • It is supposed to study, and assiduously learn about the structure, operation and programming of new steel plate bending roll.
  • Be able to go from the outside to the inside
  • Eliminate the false and store the true
  • Good at analyzing the fault phenomenon, and find the cause of the failure.
  • Also, good at summarizing.
  • So Bold but careful. Don’t act recklessly. Familiar with the situation first, then do the work, dare to repair.