CNC Guillotine Plate Steel Metal Shearing Machine back look

Steel Metal Shearing Machine relies on the moving upper blade and the fixed lower blade. They use reasonable blade clearance to apply cutting force to metal plates of various thicknesses. Thus, hydraulic shears separate the metal plate into required size.

Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine FAQ

SHEARCHY leading shearing machine supplier will introduce its related knowledge for you.

Users cannot add nitrogen into Shearchy plate shears. What are the reasons?

  • First of all, know well the type of hydraulic plate shears you use: swing beam shear or guillotine type. The operation of hydraulic guillotine shears is relatively simple. You can add nitrogen as long as the relevant operation button pressed.
  • Secondly, check the nitrogen cylinder used: whether the nitrogen is full.
  • Thirdly, check the pressure gauge on the steel metal shearing machine: check whether turn the switch of the metal shear machinery. If not, check if the switch blocked. This is also the key to add nitrogen successfully.
  • Finally, there is another situation: the cuter tool holder on the plate shears which has not been put up yet. At this time, you need to check the main cylinder of the steel cutter: stuck or not. If stuck, it’s useless to flush more nitrogen.

Notes on blades of hydraulic steel metal shears

The cutter blade models divided into: swing cut blade and hydraulic guillotine cut blade

  • The cutter blade is a very important cutting forging mechanical part. It is widely used in various fields. They can obtain good straightness and flatness on the shear surface to ensure the high quality of the work piece.
  • First of all, not allowed to cut the laminated steel plate material when using the blade of sheet plate cutter.
  • The edges of the raw steel sheet shall not be trimmed.
  • Strictly prohibited to cut the narrow plate not pressed tightly.
  • Moreover, the cutting edge of the plate cutter blade should be kept sharp. Once there is blunt or crack phenomenon, users need to replace or repair in time.
  • The gap of cutting tool is also very important. It is better to adjust according to the thickness of the sheet metal to keep it within the allowable range. When the cnc steel metal shearing machines work, the pressing device shall firmly press the plate. It is not allowed to cut in the state of not tight pressure, so as to avoid accidents.