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In CNC Hydraulic Brake Press process, the working procedure, working position and working step will be written on the processing document of sheet metal work piece forming. Some new users never know what it means. WUXI SHEARCHY press brake manufacturer will share some knowledge with you.

What are CNC Press Brake Working Procedure, Position and Step?

  • Work Procedure

The part of the process that a worker (or group of workers) continuously completes for one (or several) work piece at a fixed working place (a machine tool or a working platform). We call it process. It is the basic unit of the process. What’s more, it is also the basic unit of production planning and cost accounting. Also, the composition of process arrangement is related to the production batch of parts (single piece, small batch, large quantity).

  • CNC Hydraulic Brake Press Install

Before the plate processed, there should be a correct position in the bending machine tools or fixture relative to the tool and it should be fixed. We call this process clamping. The part of the processing completed by one clamping is installation. Installation is part of the process. In the same process, the installation times shall minimized. Then, it can not only improve the production efficiency, but also reduce the processing error caused by multiple installations.

  • Working Position

In order to reduce the number of clamping, the machine tool often uses a rotary table or rotary fixture. So the workpiece can successively occupy different positions on the machine tool for continuous processing in a single installation. The part of pressbrake process completed in each station is a position.

  • Working Steps

Work step is the component unit of operation. In the case that the hydraulic press brake machining parameters and cutting tools of the machined surface remain unchanged; the part of the process completed called the working step. And bend, cut or roll parameters refer to speed, tools amount and feed amount. When one of the factors changes, it is another work step. When several surfaces of a part are machined at the same time, it is a composite step. The purpose of dividing work steps is to facilitate the analysis and description of more complex cnc hydraulic brake press processes so as to better organize production and calculate work hours.