Sheet Shearing Machine Cylinder Maintenance

Because the Sheet Shearing Machine is usually a machining center equipment with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic combination into one. Every part of shear machine tool is closely related to each other. The failure of any parts will affect the normal operation of other parts. So how to maintain sheet metal shears correctly?

What Skills Should Maintenance Personnel of Plate Shearing Machine Have?

The first step of the maintenance of hydraulic CNC shearing machine is to identify the real cause and location of the fault as soon as possible according to the fault phenomenon.

It is not only the quality that maintenance personnel must have, but also put forward high requirements for maintenance personnel. This requires that the maintenance personnel of hydraulic sheet shearing machines not only master the basic knowledge, theory of mechanical and electrical disciplines. Moreover, we should also be familiar with the structure, design idea of cutting machine tool and metal shear performance. Only in this way can we quickly find out the cause and determine the failure parts.

In addition, Wuxi Shearchy shearing machine manufacturer reminds users:

In the process of maintenance, as a maintenance personnel, they should also have certain engineering drawing ability in order to make on-site mapping for some circuits and components.

Hydraulic Shear Cylinder FAQ Analysis

Take hydraulic cylinder of plate shears as an example, let’s do a simple analysis.
  • Insufficient oil supply of hydraulic pump

The wear of the hydraulic pump internal parts reduces the volumetric efficiency of the pump and increases the cylinder load. As the work pressure increases, the internal leakage increases. And, the increase in leakage causes the pump delivered to the cylinders at a speed that does not reach the specified value.

  • Connection between hydraulic cylinder and load

When the load not connected in the right way, it will slow down the speed of cylinder movement.

  • Problems in structure

The end face of the piston close to that of the cylinder barrel, then bearing area of the piston is not enough when starting. Therefore, it can not push the load. As a result, the cylinder will move at a slower speed.

  • The flow valve is faulty

If the overflow valve core stuck in the open position, a large amount of oil overflows from the overflow valve and flows back to the oil tank. So it will reduce the flow into the cylinder and make it under speed.

  • The accumulator volume is small or the inflation pressure reduces

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