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Importance of replacing hydraulic oil

The working process of hydraulic guillotine shears is inseparable from a medium that is hydraulic oil; all hydraulic shearing machine movement is hydraulic oil pressure to complete. In the daily maintenance of hydraulic sheet shears, the protection of hydraulic oil cannot be neglected. In the use of the shearing machine, customers should pay attention to use environment of oil and do oil changes regularly. Today, WUXI DHEARCHY shearing machine manufacturer will tell you about 8 points to note when replacing hydraulic oil of shearing machine.

8 tips for replacing hydraulic oil of shearing machine:

  • First, users should know the hydraulic oil characteristics and select good hydraulic oil. SHEARCHY Shearing Machine high quality hydraulic oil has these advantages: oxidation anti-oxidative stability, strong shear-resistance ability, good demulsibility, excellent anti-foam property, wears properties and lubricity. Selecting good hydraulic oil can ensure the normal circulation.
  • If it is a new CNC shearing machine, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced after the working time reaches 2000 hours. After that, the replacement cycle is around 4,000 working hours or two years.
  • To prevent oil contamination, clean the area around the tank, then remove the tank cover and the inlet and outlet tubing.
  • The hydraulic oil must be replaced when oil temperature is still hot and when the slide of the CNC shearing machine is at the upper dead point.
  • Clean the inside of the tank with clean fabric and solvents.
  • Replace the oil filter regularly to filter impurities effectively
  • After replacing the hydraulic oil, start the oil pump to circulate the hydraulic oil for about one hour before starting the CNC shearing machine.
  • Unused waste hydraulic oil should be treated centrally and not directly discharged into nature, or it will cause environmental pollution

The quality and use of hydraulic oil affects the performance of CNC shearing machine. SHEARCHY shearing machines adopt high quality hydraulic oil to ensure the normal operation. If you are interested in CNC hydraulic shearing machines, welcome to visit our website for more information. We sincerely look forward to your cooperation!