The press brake manufacturers have been our most concerned point in the purchase of the machine. As we all know, brands and manufacturers determine the reputation of a product. At the same time, they certainly determine the quality of the product.

How to choose high quality CNC press brake manufacturers to purchase equipment? What are the most representative in 2022? Below, we will answer for you one by one.

1. Why choose representative press brake manufacturers?



The purchase of press brakes is the same as other mechanical equipment. It is very important to choose a good manufacturer. In short, just like buy a computer, we need to look at the brand, and compare the performance and price.

The investment risk of large mechanical equipment is greater. Therefore, we need to be more careful. We should choose representative manufacturers instead of choosing small factories without quality assurance.

Representative manufacturers will be more reliable and trustworthy. The main reasons are as follows:

  • More advanced technology
  • More reliable quality
  • More perfect after sale service

Experienced manufacturers can not only provide you with high quality equipment, but also provide with perfect service and professional technical support.

Of course, the price is also a thorny issue. The equipment produced by famous CNC press brake manufacturers must be more expensive. At this point, we have to consider the point of cost performance.

In other words, you should choose reliable manufacturers and machines with better performance and quality within the range you can afford.

Next, we will introduce the eight most representative manufacturers for you. We will analyze their advantages and disadvantages from the price, quality and service. So that help you to choose the most suitable one to purchase and cooperate.

2. Top 8 press brake manufacturers



Wuxi Shenchong Forging Machine Co., Ltd. is the most representative CNC press brake manufacturer in China. It has more than 18 years’ experience in sheet metal machine production and sale.

They believe that the perfect manufacturing process is the guarantee of the quality. With the advanced technology and professional level in the manufacturing, they produce high-precision and stable electro-hydraulic press brakes. In addition to the standard models, they also have developed Servo Hybrid Press Brake Machine and robotic automatic bending production lines.

While focusing on technology research and development, they pay more attention to service and brand building. They provide on-site installation and technical training services. Or, you can make a video call with sales to get remote technical guidance.

The precision and quality of SHENCHONG machineries are very excellent. Choose it and you’ll buy a high-performance equipment at a reasonable price.



TRUMPF from Germany is a well-known brand in the industry. As a leader in the industry, it is certainly the most representative press brake manufacturer. Its bending technology and design has always been the trend of the industry.

There is no doubt that its quality and service are of high standard. But on the other hand, its price is also very high. How to strike a balance between price and quality? This has always been a problem for high-end manufacturers.

In a society where cost-effectiveness is paramount, as an ordinary user, would you pay high prices for a brand? Purchasing the equipment produced by famous manufacturers can improve your corporate image and industry professionalism. But it has also brought enormous economic pressure. So, you need to think seriously, do you really need such a high-end machine? Please consider from all aspects.



BYSTRONIC Switzerland is another industry leader. It stands for high performance and innovation, expertise and service excellence. It started with laser cutting and then developed the bending industry.

Bystronic, Amada, Trumpf and other well-known enterprises occupy the absolute leading position in the field of laser cutting and punching. They deliver high-end top products to everywhere in the world. So its quality is very excellent. However, it has the same problem as TRUMPF. The price is unreasonably high.

Moreover, they have branches all over the world. Maybe the equipment you bought at a high price is not imported from Switzerland, but made by local OEM. When purchasing famous brand machinery, you must clearly identify this problem.



As the leader of machine tool industry, AMADA machinery is also very famous. It is one of the most famous press brake manufacturers in Japan.

They always set global standards for performance and reliability. They are committed to one goal: maximize your productivity.

The machine has beautiful appearance with classic red and black color matching. Advanced technology and ultra-high precision are the biggest advantages. But the high prices often make people unable to afford.

In addition, its operation and maintenance are more complex. We often see people consulting on the Internet on how to operate and solve various problems. If you have no professional training or proficient in CNC machine tools, it is difficult to use the machine well.



SHEARCHY is a press brake supplier from China. Low price and qualified products are their biggest characteristics. As one of the most representative hydraulic press brake manufacturers, they have been focusing on foreign trade for many years.

Offering the 24/7 online high-quality fast service is their goal. They have been committed to providing customers with practical equipment at the lowest price.

If you only need standard model, especially ordinary hydraulic press brake, it is your best choice! Cheap and easy to use! When you need high-end series with better precision and performance, you need to find more high-end manufacturers.



LVD is a manufacturer of press brake from Belgium. And I think everyone is familiar with it. They develop their own numerical control system. Its machinery is stable and efficient.

Belgium is an industrial developed area, and its machine tool technology is ahead of many countries. LVD has strong R & D strength, it produce machine with high performance and high price. Don’t ignore the expensive price.

LVD has local agents and distributors in all countries. You can find a local dealer to buy it.



Pacific is a press brake manufacturer USA. It made the first hydraulic bending machine in America. It is mainly popular in North America and has installed more than 15, 000 machines.

The main hot sale area is the United States and other areas in North America. It does not have many customers or partners in Asia, Europe and Southeast Asia. Therefore, the later repair and maintenance will be more troublesome.

Users in North America can buy with confidence, and friends in other regions should consider it carefully.



JMT is one of the representative press brake manufacturers USA in North America. As a family business, it is just one division of all industrial companies in North America.

It attaches great importance to good partnership and has long-term cooperation with DURMA. It relies on DURMA for the highest level of machinery.

In short, it is not independent research & development and manufacturing machinery, just distribution equipment.

They cooperate with various manufacturers to distribute all kinds of sheet metal processing equipment. If you need a variety of sheet metal processing machinery rather than just bending machine, then you can choose it to cooperate and purchase.

As the industry elite, the quality and performance of the equipment manufactured by TRUMPF, AMADA and SHENCHONG, these three bending machine manufacturers, is the best. Through multiple consideration and comprehensive analysis, SHEARCHY hydraulic press brake is the most cost-effective.

So which is your favorite press brake manufacturer? What brand do you prefer to buy? Users can choose freely according to the actual needs. If you think this article is useful, please forward, share and comment!