Hydraulic Brake Press Machine for sale

Hydraulic Brake Press users always ask us for help to troubleshoot their machines. So we have summarized general faults and trouble-shooting solutions for customers.

Hydraulic Brake Press General Fault and Remedies

How to deal with CNC press brakes common problems?

Fault 1:

Oil pump don’t output oil and ram don’t move.

Possible Causes
  • Wrong rotary direction of pump.

Remedy and Solutions

  • Interchange the phase of power supply.

Fault 2:

The pump occur abnormal noise and pressure meter is unstable, the oil output pressure decrease or no output pressure.

Possible Causes
  • Suction filter blocked no enough oil in oil tank.
  • No oil in the pump and pipes.
  • Components in the pump is damaged.

Remedy and Solutions

  • Clean the filter.
  • Add oil to the level required.
  • Replace the seal of the suction pipes joint and the end of pump.
  • Replace the component in pump or replace the pump.

Fault 3:

Leakage of sheet metal bender hydraulic valves, pipes joint and cylinder.

Possible Causes
  • Connecting screw and pipes connecter loosen.
  • The seal is bad.

Remedy and Solutions

  • Tighten the screw and connecter.
  • Replace the seal.

Fault 4:

No pressure in Shearchy press brake hydraulic system.

Possible Causes
  • Orifice and the core of Y03 valve are blocked.
  • Piston seal of cylinder leaks.

Remedy and Solutions

  • Clean 9 orifice and the core Y03 valve.
  • Replace the piston seal.

Fault 5:

Ram step down during pressing down.

Possible Causes
  • Too small balance pressure in 1.0300 valve.
  • Guide rail is too tight.

Remedy and Solutions

  • Increase the bending machine balance pressure.
  • Loosen the guide rail.

Fault 6:

The ram drop down by itself.

Possible Causes
  • 0300 valve is stuck.
  • The piston seal of cylinder is leaks.

Remedy and Solutions

  • Clean or replace 1.0300 valve.
  • Replace the piston seal.

Fault 7:

There have pressure in the system as soon as hydraulic brake press machine start running.

Possible Causes
  • Orifice of Y03 is stuck
  • Electrical fault

Remedy and Solutions

  • Clean orifice.
  • Check the wiring.

Fault 8:

High noise in the high pressure filter.

Possible Causes
  • The high pressure filter blocked.

Remedy and Solutions

  • Replace the core of the high pressure filter.

Fault 9:

The ram can not move down at certain position, retract automatically or can not retract after upper die press the bottom die.

Possible Causes
  • Selected tools in computer are not according with the actual tools.

Remedy and Solutions

  • Verify the selected tools and actual tools.

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