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SHEARCHY Torsion Bar Synchrony Hydraulic Press Brake

WUXI SHEARCHY Technology co., LTD is located in WUXI Qianqiao high-tech industrial park in China. We are a multi-functional heavy machine tool supplier enterprise with the ability of product development, scientific research design, manufacturing and technical services. NC Torsion Bar Synchrony Hydraulic Press Brake is our characteristic advantage product. SHEARCHY Torsion Bar Synchrony Hydraulic Press Brake has good rigidity and stability, high bending accuracy, stable and reliable operation.

 Structure Characteristic:

  • New European design with streamlined appearance.
  • structure characteristic
  • Use vibration to eliminate stress, good stability.
  • The machine is sanded to remove rust and sprayed with anti-rust paint
  • The frame parts are processed and formed by the imported CNC 3D processing center, which ensures the parallelism and verticality of each mounting surface.
  • Achieve first-class safety standards.

Synchrony Control System:

  • Adopt steel torsion bar synchronous system, simple structure, and high precision.
  • There are two synchronizes at each end of the slider, so that the movement of the slider is always parallel to the worktable.
  • This structure highlights the effect of balanced motion during operation.
  • The upper die compensation is used to improve the braking accuracy.

Hydraulic System:

  • Adopt advanced integrated hydraulic control system.
  • Advanced hydraulic integrated valve, minimizing pipeline connection
  • Its compact structure improves system reliability and maintainability.
  • The inner sealing parts of oil cylinder are all imported parts with good quality and strong performance.
  • Hydraulic systems have overload and overflow safety protection.
  • Oil level is clearly and visually displayed
  • It can work continuously under rated load. The hydraulic system ensures no leakage and continuous processing

NC Torsion Bar Synchrony Hydraulic Press Brake is the third generation hydraulic bending machine, supporting electronic control, manual micro-adjustment on the back gauge and sliding block stroke, and the stroke is digitally displayed. SHEARCHY synchronous torsion bar is two times larger than normal, which increases torsion resistance. In addition, the bending machine has a wide range of speed adjustments. It is suitable for bending steel plates in factories.

NC Torsion Bar Synchrony Hydraulic Press Brake is an economic and effective choice for steel structure industry, rough processing plant, truck manufacturing and other industries. If you are in need of NC torsion bar synchrony hydraulic press brake, welcome to visit our website for more details. WUXI SHEARCHY will continue to share more useful machinery information with you!