Brake Press Machine motor and other hydraulic components

Hydraulic system has been widely used in CNC machine tools. Most CNC Press Brake, and CNC Shearing machine are using hydraulic system. Adopting hydraulic transmission makes the operation smooth and reliable. WUXI SHEARCHY machines all use advanced hydraulic system that operation is stable and working precision is high.

How to diagnose hydraulic system failure in machinery

It is unavoidable that hydraulic bending machines break down in use. It is always a difficult problem to find fault location and cause of hydraulic system. Today, WUXI SHEARCHY Technology Company will tell you how to diagnose hydraulic system failure in machinery.

Simple diagnosis method for common faults of hydraulic system:

  • No system pressure

    The hydraulic oil in the tank is contaminated. There are impurities in the hydraulic oil. Replace the hydraulic oil. Clean the oil inlet filter screen of the oil pump.

  • Low system pressure

  1. Overflow valve spool and valve body are not closed tightly. Remove scrap iron and other sundries between overflow valve spool and valve body.
  2. The hydraulic oil is dirty and has impurities. Remove pilot overflow valve for cleaning.
  3. The oil temperature is too high and the hydraulic oil becomes thin. Oil pump discharge capacity is too large, replace a small oil pump.
  • High System pressure

    Overflow valve adjustment is improper. Readjustment: turn the overflow valve button counterclockwise to reduce the system oil pressure.

  • Big noise of the motor and oil pump

    Check if equipment is installed too tight. If the equipment is installed too tight, the oil pump will be overloaded, which leads to noise of the motor and oil pump.

In the use of hydraulic bending machine and shearing machine, users should pay attention to the changes of values in hydraulic system and listen to the sound of hydraulic system. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately for check.

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