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Midwest Press Brake Power Problems

Midwest Press Brake

Due to the large voltage fluctuation of industrial power grid, the failure frequency of the power supply part of the numerical control system is high. So, the users should pay enough attention to this problem when making repairs.

The power supply is the supply part of the circuit board. If power supply is not normal, the circuit board will be abnormal consequentially. Therefore, once the power supply has problems, CNC hydraulic press brake will not work properly.

Next, leading cnc press brake supplier Shearchy will tell you some useful knowledge of sheet metal press brake power supply problems.

Common Fault of Switching Power Supply

  • Fuse failure / Fuse burn-out

When the fuse is blown, if it is blackened and spotted, there would be a serious short circuit in the circuit. It is caused by the breakdown of high-voltage filter capacitor and rectifier tube. If the fuse is not black, it would be a slow fuse. Users can make static measurement. It is a switch tube in half bridge commonly breakdown or condition is bad.

  • Incorrect power supply output voltage

Generally, the allowable range of regulated dc voltage of all grades in the system of CNC Midwest press brake machine is within 5% of the rated value. If it exceeds that limit, the user may adjust the voltage adjustment potentiometer. Adjust main output voltage to standard value. If it cannot be adjusted to the standard value, it may be that the potentiometer is broken or the voltage regulator is broken.

  • The switching power supply makes a special repetitive noise

This is usually the result of working too infrequently. The user can use an oscilloscope to detect the pulse width modulator, which is approximately 20 kHz in normal operation. If the capacity of the timing circuit capacitor increases, it will also cause the oscillation frequency to be too low; making the power supply produces a special repeated sound. And it will cause the switch power supply to not work properly. Replace the appropriate capacitance to restore its normal work.

All in all, power problem is very important for the normal operation of CNC Midwest press brake. In the use of CNC bending machine for sale, the customers should always pay attention to its power supply. In case of power failure, the operator should immediately stop the machine to check and deal with the problem. If you still uses the machine, it will do great damage to CNC Midwest Bending Machine. And in the power supply problems, Shearchy hydraulic bending machine cannot produce high-precision high-quality work piece.

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