Horizontal CNC V Grooving Machine for sale

What is sheet metal groover?

Metal Sheet Grooving Machine is widely used in bending processing. In order to avoid creases, and improve the work piece bending accuracy and aesthetic degree, users need to groove the plate before bending.

CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine

CNC Horizontal V Groover Machine has mores functions than traditional models. What’s more, it fully solves a series of problems in the daily use.


  • The machine is welded with steel plate. Also, the internal stress is removed by vibration aging. Therefore, all models in the strength, rigidity, stability are up to international standards.
  • The wonderful design of the rear feed structure ensures that the equipment will not damage the outside of the sheet metal when feeding and discharging.
  • Additionally, adjustable movable table can guarantee the precision of each part grooving depth.
  • Shearchy metal sheet machine adopts pneumatic clamping and pressing materials to make the processed products free from clamping and pressing marks.
  • All working process follow blower to remove iron filings. The lighting system of the working area is even more extreme.
  • The equipment adopts high speed alloy steel gear, rack, pitch ball screw and high precision silent linear guide.
  • The industrial control system for CNC grooving machine greatly improves the reliability of machine operation. The accuracy of the distance from the blade tip to each point on the table is below 0.02mm.
  • Moreover, platform face plate and fuselage work piece take movable adjustable type.
  • The metalworking equipment adopts PLC man-machine interface programming. The operator is easy to learn and understand. It has accurate positioning.

Working Principles

  • The spindle system is driven by high torque servo motor and imported star reducer. Thus, the tool holder in the processing is more stable and fast.
  • Work fast and conveniently. The equipment work table adopts the high strength plate as the base surface. When processing, the sheet material is fixed on the work piece table. After adjusting the starting point (origin) of the machining, tool holder adjusting motor drive the blade to form the plate into required v-shaped groove.
  • The amount of feed and different cutting tools can change the depth and width of the v-shaped.
  • Adopt all pneumatic control for clamping and pressing of the equipment. The machine has reached a high point in the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.
  • The overall shape of is simple, generous and beautiful. It adopts the frame structure to meet the operation habit of all kinds of technicians. So, the operation can fully meet the flexible and professional requirements.

Users should carefully select CNC sheet metal machinery manufacturer. Only a powerful manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the machine. Welcome to contact us for more details, Wuxi Shearchy is always willing to help you!