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Rolling Machine

Metal Roller Machine is widely used in manufacturing industry. So how does the plate bending roll work? What is the process of rolling? Now, professional rolling machine supplier, Wuxi Shearchy will answer for you!

Shearchy sheet metal roller machine

  • Simple structure and convenience operation.
  • Keep the standard height of the lower roll for easy feeding and operation.
  • Whole frame quenching eliminates stress and never deforms
  • Best cost-effective choice for construction industry, auto maintenance industry and machinery factories.

Rolling Process

Generally, there are four steps in plate bending forming process: pre-bend, centering, roll round and round set.

  • Pre-bend

When rolling the plate, both ends of the plate have a length that does not bend due to loosing contact with the upper roll. We call it residual straight edge. Technically, the minimum moment arm at which the plate begins to curve is called the theoretical residual straight edge. Moreover, its size is related to the equipment structure and bending forms (symmetric bending or asymmetric bending).

  • Centering

The aim of the alignment is to make the work piece bus parallel to the roller shaft to prevent twisting.

  • Roll Round

Rolling round is the main process of product forming. There are two types: single feed and multiple feed. Feed times depend on process constraints. For example, cold rolling shall not exceed the maximum allowable deformation. In addition, it includes equipment restrictions, such as non-slip conditions and power conditions. The user must add a certain amount of over rolling when the rebound amount of cold rolling is significant.

  • Round Set

The purpose of circle straightening is to make the curvature of the whole circle uniform and ensure the quality of the product.

The general rounding set process is divided into three steps:

  1. Upload: according to experience or calculation, adjust the working roll to the position of the maximum corrected curvature required.
  2. Rolling: roll the roller for 1 ~ 2 turn under the corrected curvature, so that the curvature of the whole roll is uniform.
  3. Unload: remove the load gradually so that the work piece rolls several times under gradually reduced corrective load.

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