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Metal Rolling Machine is very common equipment in sheet metal manufacturing industry.

Sheet metal roller hydraulic oil

Like the blood in the human body, hydraulic oil is extremely important for plate rollers. The quality of hydraulic oil affects the machine performance, using life, operation safety and so on.

Hydraulic oil tank for rolling machine

Its main function is to store oil. At the same time, roller hydraulic oil tank body also has heat dissipation, sediment, precipitation of oil into the air, and as an installation platform, etc.

Today, Wuxi Shearchy will explain the hydraulic oil tank of plate rolling machine for customers.

Classification and typical structure of metal roller oil tank

Metal roller machine manufacturer divides it into two types: open structure and closed structure.

  • Open type hydraulic oil tank

The oil in this tank has the same free liquid level as the gas. It is mostly used in various fixed equipment.

  • Close type hydraulic oil tank

The oil in this tank is isolated from the atmosphere, mostly used for walking equipment and vehicles.

Moreover, we can divide the open structure hydraulic tank into integral type and separate type.

  • Integral hydraulic oil tank

It uses the base of the main engine as the hydraulic oil tank of the plate rolling machine.

It has features of compact structure and easy recovery of hydraulic components leakage. However, its heat dissipation performance is poor and maintenance is not convenient. Additionally, it is greatly affected by the accuracy and performance of the host.

  • Separate hydraulic oil tank

It sets up a separate oil supply pump station, separated from the main engine. Its heat dissipation, maintenance and repairability are better than the integral hydraulic oil tank. But it increases the footprint.

At present, the precision equipment mostly adopts separate type hydraulic oil tanks.

Metal rolling machine oil tank manufacturing

  • The tank must have sufficient strength and stiffness.

In general, we will use 2.5mm-4mm steel plate welded into the hydraulic tank of Shearchy plate rolling machine. For larger sizes, we will add welding reinforcement.

  • The manufacturer shall install 100-200 mesh oil filters on the suction pipe of the pump.

The distance between the oil filter and the bottom of the tank cannot be less than 20mm. The oil filter is not allowed to expose the oil surface to prevent the noise generated by the pump air suction.

  • Insert the return pipe of the system below the oil surface to prevent the return oil spatter from producing bubbles.

Separate the suction pipe and return pipe. And the distance between the two should be as far as possible.

  • Please separate the suction pipe and return pipe with some partitions to increase the circulation distance of the oil.

So make the dirt and bubbles in the oil fully precipitate or separate out. The height of the partition is generally 3/4 of the height of the oil surface.

  • In addition, antifouling and sealing are also very important.
  • To prevent oil contamination, add gaskets and sealing rings to the connections of the cover plate and window as well as the holes through each oil pipe.
  • There shall be a slope at the bottom of the hydraulic tank of metal plate rollers.

And, there is a certain distance between the bottom and the ground. Set the drain plug at the bottom of the tank.

  • We will do special treatment for the inner surface of rollers’ oil tank.
  • Carry out shot blasting, pickling and surface cleaning on the hydraulic tank inner wall of the new plate rolling machine.

Prevent the coating on the oil tank inner wall from falling off.

Learn more about sheet metal rolling machine news; please continue to pay attention to us! Wuxi Shearchy will share more useful information with customers…