Metal Plate Bending Machine Hydraulic Press Brake

Metal Plate Bending Machine correct usage determines the production efficiency of the factory.

Metal Sheet Bending Operation Correct Steps

As a professional press brake manufacturer, according to many years of experience, the following common problems and solutions are summarized for your reference.

  • Start Hydraulic Press Brakes

Firstly, turn on the power. Please turn on the key switch on the control panel. Press the oil pump again to start the machine.

  • Metal Plate Bending Machine Stroke Adjustment

Pay attention to adjusting the stroke. Make sure to test before bending work. When press brake punch upper die goes down to the bottom, we must ensure that there is a gap of plate thickness. Otherwise, the mold and machinery are easy to damage. The adjustment of stroke also includes electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment. Select and adjust according to your actual situation.

  • Selection of Bend Notch

Commonly, the user should choose a notch 8 times the width of the plate thickness.

For example: when bending 4mm plate, you need to select 32mm notch.

  • Adjustment of Back gauge

In General, there are electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment. The method is the same as that of shearing machine.
Press the foot switch to start benders. The bending machine is different from the plate shears. The workers can release the pedal at any time. Release the foot switch and metal plate bending machines will stop. Press again to continue down.

CNC brake press is one of the common equipment in modern sheet metal processing. With the continuous development of science and technology, plate benders also ushered in the development of intelligence. From the former manual operation and later semi-automatic, then to the current rise to intelligent CNC hydraulic press brakes. To a large extent, it reduces labor and its expenditure. And it reduces the loss of human, financial and material resources. Thus, that greatly reduces the cost of production and operation. Welcome to contact us with your requirements!