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It is some information about the application and related introduction of Industrial Press Brake for Curtain Wall Manufacturing Industry. This is helpful for users who want to know the development trend and application of CNC machine bending in curtain wall industry.

Electro-hydraulic CNC Brake Press Machines in Sheet Metal Wall Processing

CNC bending machine is closely related to curtain wall process. Because this processing has a very important relationship with the aluminum veneer used in wall industry. High precision CNC press brake bender is suitable for bending metal sheets of various sizes. Among them, the processing of aluminum veneer is also very suitable.

Curtain Wall Manufacture Requirements

Curtain wall is a new material made of aluminum veneer. Specifically, it uses high-quality aluminum alloy sheet as the base material, and then through numerical control bending technology. Finally, the factory sprays decorative paint on its surface. There are many kinds and thickness of aluminum veneer; each plate needs folding edge, high precision in size and complex in shape. Therefore, there are certain specific requirements for bending processing equipment. These include increasing the throat depth, increasing the opening height, and the greater depth of the rear stopper……

In order to improve production efficiency, most companies use electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC machine bending. WEK industrial press brake has the characteristics of high bending accuracy, high intelligence, high efficiency and long service life.

Development Trend of Industrial Bending Machine in Metal Wall Industry

As a major user of curtain wall in high-rise buildings, aluminum veneer curtain wall has wide applications due to its unique advantages. In the bending equipment of aluminum sheet, the numerical control bending machinery is very important.

In recent years, CNC bending press machine has developed rapidly and has developed to the third generation of hydraulic CNC press brakes. It will provide more competitive equipment for sheet metal curtain wall manufacturing and processing enterprises. Additionally, it will bring some great changes in this industry. The new generation bending machines adopts the unique synchronization technology of electro-hydraulic. At the same time, it also improves production efficiency.

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