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How to use CNC Press Brake correctly?

CNC Press Brake plays an important role in sheet metal processing. Its structure mainly includes bracket, workbench and clamping plate. Bending machine is widely used in metal industry. CNC Press Brake use computer system to operate machine. Although it is convenient to operate and easy to use, there are also some tips should be pay attention to in the use of bending machine. Today, WUXI SHEARCHY will show you how to use CNC Press Brake correctly.

Operation Specification:

  • Carefully check whether the motor, switch, circuit and grounding are normal. Whether the control parts and buttons are in the correct position.
  • Clean the surface of all important parts of the machine. If there is any debris which will affect normal operation of shearing machine, it should be cleaned up before using.
  • Power on first, then switch on the control panel, and finally start the pump. Note that the order cannot be reversed.
  • When using the bending machine, pay attention to stroke adjustment. And the test run must be carried out before bending.
  • For bending notch, it is more appropriate to choose the notch eight times width of the thickness of the plate.
  • The sheet material must be compressed well when bending to prevent from sticking up to hurt people.
  • When the machine is working, it is not allowed to stand behind it.
  • In the operation process, in case of any abnormality, it must be stopped immediately for check without any delay.
  • Check the mold contact ratio of the upper and lower die frequently.
  • Pay attention to the compliance of the pressure gauge instructions.
  • Power must be cut off when adjusting the plate and die.
  • When you want to turn off the machine, you should exit the program in the control system before cutting off the total power supply.

The use of CNC Press Brake must strictly follow the safe operation procedures. Incorrect use will not only cause damage to being machine, but also cause safety accidents. SHEARCHY CNC Press can greatly improve productivity. If you are in need of durable CNC machines, please contact us immediately! We are looking forward to your message.