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What is CNC press brake?

CNC Press Brake is based on the ordinary bending machine equipped with computer numerical system. Electro-hydraulic servo CNC Press Brake can be synchronized in time without the forced synchronization of equalizing bar as ordinary bending machine. It can control and check bending pressure with proportional servo valves and linear scale.

Wuxi Shearchy CNC press brake

WUXI SHEARCHY is a professional CNC press brake supplier with rich experience and professional knowledge. We have introduced advanced management concept and scientific management mode. WUXI SHEARCHY has promoted various types of CNC bending machines with years of practical experience.

SHEARCHY supplied different kinds of CNC Press Brake, such as CNC Hydraulic Press Brake WEK, Energy Saving Servo Press Brake, Tandem CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, CNC High Speed Press Brake, Gas-electric Hybrid Servo Press Brake, etc.

Advantages of SHEARCHY CNC bending machines

What are the advantages of SHEARCHY CNC bending machines that are worth a lot of use? SHEARCHY high quality bending machines use all steel structure design and manufacture, the appearance is beautiful and the structure is reliable. Using UG (finite element) analysis method and computer-aided optimization design, the bending accuracy can be guaranteed effectively. The whole machine steel plate welding, vibration aging eliminates internal stress, so that the machine body has good strength, stiffness and stability. Grating ruler, pressure proportional valve, servo motor are imported original. It adopts advanced electro-hydraulic servo system, full closed loop feedback control synchronization. The precision of synchronous control, bending and repeated positioning is also high. The anti – throat deformation system ensures the bending precision. The compensation is automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, which is more convenient and accurate. With the function of slow pick – up control, the operator can control the work piece better. Comfortable operation and highly modern technology will greatly improve the working efficiency of press brake.

WUXI SHEARCHY is a comprehensive company dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of sheet metal equipment. SHEARCHY CNC Press Brake have been exported to Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, India and other countries and set up branches, services throughout the world. We will uphold integrity based on, innovative development, and the public service business philosophy. Devoted to providing the best quality products and services for customers!