Plate Bending Rollers is a device for bending metal plates, which has been widely used in all walks of life. With the continuous development of machinery manufacturing industry, the degree of mechanization has been greatly improved. The rolling machine has gradually developed from manual operation to computer-controlled automatic machine. SHEARCHY new generation rolling machines are easy to use, safe to operate and work effectively. Welcome to consult us about CNC machineries!

Tips of Maintain Rolling Machine in daily?

Generally, the rolling machine working efficiency and failure rate are closely related to operators. As operators of dangerous equipment, they should know more about relevant knowledge to effectively avoid disoperation or accidents. Next, let’s learn about how to maintain rolling machines in daily production.

  • Operate in strict accordance with the plate processing and control method. Overload work is strictly prohibited
  • According to the regulation of machine lubrication schematic, lubricate every part according to the requirement.
  • In the process of operation, if irregular noise, impact and other abnormal phenomena are found, it should be immediately turned off for check.
  • When the upper roller goes up and down to the limit position, we should pay great attention to the safe operation of the equipment.
  • All personnel shall coordinate with each other in operation. Follow the command of the responsible person and forbid to operate the machine without password.
  • Great attention should be paid in the operation of large rolling machine, to prevent the hand from being pressed and rolled together with the steel plate.
  • Be careful not to collide with the machine when lifting the steel plate.
  • After finishing the work, the work site should be cleaned and the corresponding maintenance work should be done. Turn off the power supply in time.

The maintenance of rolling machine is very important, good maintenance can effectively extend the using life. Customers should pay attention to the plate rolling machine maintenance during production. WUXI SHEARCHY Technology Company is a professional CNC sheet metal machine supplier in China. Our high quality and high performance plate bending rolls is very durable, it can be used for many years if is properly operated and maintained. We are expecting cooperation with you sincerely!