Hydraulic Metal Sheet Press Brake Bending Machine

CNC Metal Press Brake foreign machine tool enterprises have held the commencement ceremony in recent days. After the New Year holiday, people’s life and factory working have begun to return to normal. It has entered 2019 production mode formally.

After a long holiday, cnc metal press brake machine tool more or less needs some maintenance and cleaning. Below is the “press brakes maintenance after the holidays”.

Sheet Metal Press Brakes Maintenance after the holidays

After not being used for a long time, there is some dust more or less on bending machine tool. So first of all, the users should carry out the cleaning work. If you want to use the Bending Machinery well, you must clean it carefully.

  • Scrub the exterior part of the equipment

  1. Ensure the appearance without oil and dirt, appearance parts complete, no damage.
  2. Guide rail, back gauge, smooth bar, lead screw without black oil and corrosion phenomenon.
  • Clean and unclog lubrication system, cooling system and pipe, including oil holes, tubing and filtration units

    1. Firstly, the machine frame is clean. Secondly, the identification is eye-catching. Thirdly, hydraulic oil quantity is sufficient. Finally, oil quality meets the requirement.
    2. Oil tank and filter device inside and outside clean, without scale and impurities.
    3. Lubricating oil road is smooth without oil leakage.
    4. Remove the protective cover and check the situation. Scrub the guide rail, light bar and lead screw.
  • Check and adjust the platen and clearance. Whether various parts of the fixed screw, nut, and handle are flexible and easy to use

    1. All parts are installed and adjusted in place.
    2. No loosening or missing of screws and nuts in machine parts.
  • Check all safety devices

    1. All limit switches, indicator lights, signals, safety protection device, complete and reliable.
    2. All electrical devices are well insulated, reliably grounded and safely illuminated.
  • Check the electrical parts to meet the metal press brake requirement

    1. Electric box inside and outside clean, no dust, sundries, no damage to the door.
    2. Electrical components tight and easy to use, neat lines, line number clear complete.
  • Clean the working area around

Before starting metal press machine, the user must test the power supply voltage. First, turn on the main power switch in the workshop. When the total voltage is stable (after about 10 minutes), the operator can turn on the main power switch of bending machine tool. At the same time, you can open the other power switch in the electric box.

Do not allow the machine tool to work immediately. Preheat the machine tool first. Leave the spindle running empty for more than half an hour.

Although the preparation work is tedious and complicated. After the above steps before starting up work, it has a better security for Shearchy cnc metal press brake and operators. Wuxi Shearchy is a professional press brake supplier from China. We will continue to share more useful information about machinery with you!