The correct installation method and usage method of the hydraulic shear blade are very important for end users. Because the installation quality and use method of the shearing blade will affect the cutting efficiency of the sheet shearing machine

So you must learn to protect the shearing machine blade during normal use. Otherwise, the blade will be damaged due to improper operation, causing the machine to malfunction and affecting production efficiency. The following is a detailed introduction to the installation and use methods of the metal sheet hydraulic guillotine shear blades.

Installation Method of hydraulic shear blades

  1. Before installation, loosen the locking bolts, push the upper blade fixed blade holder forward, and check whether the top blade bolts are all loose in place.
  2. When installing the blade, install the upper blade firstly, then the lower blade. After installation, apply a layer of engine oil evenly on the blade surface.
  3. Need to debug the hydraulic shear blade gap:
    • Step on the pedal lightly to engage the upper and lower blade
    • And then pull the upper blade fixed blade holder backwards to make the upper and lower blade surfaces close together
    • At the same time, tighten the left and right locking bolts in turn and then gently lift with the foot pedal.
    • You can feel the tightness of the hydraulic shearing blade through the process of lifting the blade.
    • If the tightness is appropriate, the shear blade can be closed for the second time.
    • If it is too tight, you need to re-set the shearing blade.
    • In the second tool setting, the hydraulic shear blade gap can be seen through the engagement of the blade edge.
    • If the gap is not uniform, the upper blade bolt must be adjusted.
    • If the gap is too large, paper should be placed on the back of blade.
  4. After the first time adjustment of shear blade is completed, make a careful adjustment again to ensure that the hydraulic shear blade gap is between 0.03-0.05mm.
    • If the blade gap is too small, there will be problems with the biting of the upper and lower blades. It will affect the sharpness of the blade. And even it will cause the crack of the blade.
    • If the blade gap is too large, the finished work piece will have burrs and poor straightness. It will cause the work piece to not be cut and may cause damage to the shearing machine. Therefore, please must be careful in the adjustment process without any careless.

Usage Method of hydraulic guillotine blades

  1. Before operation, must wear safety helmets & tight-fitting protective clothing, fasten the cuffs, and not open the hem of the jacket in case machine damage. No skirts or slippers.
  2. The operator must be familiar with the main structure, performance and usage of the hydraulic shear blade.
  3. This machine tool is suitable for cutting various steel plates, copper plates, aluminum plates and non-metallic material plates whose material thickness is the machine’s rated value, and must be materials free of hard marks, welding slag, slag inclusions, and welds. Excessive thickness is not allowed.
  4. Adjust the hydraulic shearing machine blade clearance according to the thickness of the material being cut.
  5. Make 1-3 empty strokes before the machine is operated, and then cut work can be carried out after normal.
  6. If the machine is found to be operating abnormally during usage, immediately cut off the power supply for inspection.
  7. When adjusting the machine tool, you must cut off the power supply, and pay attention to the safety of your hands when moving the workpiece.
  8. All parts of the machine tool should be kept lubricated frequently. The operator should fill the lubricating oil once every shift.
  9. And the mechanics should fill the rolling bearing part with lubricant once every six months.

All of the above is a detailed introduction about the installation and usage of hydraulic shear blades. I hope it can be helpful during your using. If there is any other related questions about machines or blades, please feel free to contact with us for the professional consulting at any time.