Steel Hydraulic Shears Cutting Machine Back Look

CNC high speed press brake is pint-sized sheet metal bending machine, which is suitable for small work piece processing. High speed CNC press brake is faster, more convenient and more efficient. WUXI SHEARCHY high speed press brake has novel design, advanced technology, compact structure, small volume and weight. It works with high accuracy and low noise.

High speed CNC press brake features:

  • High configuration, high precision, high efficiency CNC hydraulic bending equipment.
  • Low oil temperature, low noise and low power consumption
  • Easy to operate, it can easily realize the small plate bending industry high precision, high efficiency processing requirements.
  • The operation is stable, safe, reliable and convenient.
  • It is welded by steel plate and eliminated stress.
  • The frame is made up of right and left wall boards, working table, oil tank, slider, CNC system and standard molds.
  • Servo control 4 axes YXRZ.
  • X axis controls back gauge to move front and back; R axis controls back gauge to move up and down; Z axis controls to back gauge fingers move left and right.
  • The mold of the machine is provided with laser protection on both sides.
  • High Speed: No load speed (Quick down): 150-400mm/s
    Working speed (Slow down): 5-20mm/s
    Return speed: 150mm/s
  • The main electrical parts are Schneider electric products.
  • It adopts back door protection to ensure safety.
  • With the coordinated control of numerical control system and hydraulic system, it can achieve ideal bending effect.

Shearchy mini CNC high speed press brake

With modern design, reliable quality and cute appearance, this kind of mini CNC press brake have been sold all over the world as well as well received by lots of clients. If you need to do some small sheet metal processing, SHEARCHY CNC high speed press brake is a good choice.

WUXI SHEARCHY has an experienced and exquisite product design team with strong independent innovation ability. Our products are exported in large quantities to European countries. The annual export rate is close to 50%. We cooperate with many famous domestic and foreign manufacturers. If you are particularly interested in CNC Press Brake, please contact us immediately! We are looking forward to working with you for cooperation. WUXI SHEARCHY will provide you with our optimal service.