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WUXI SHEARCHY CNC high precision shearing machine

WUXI SHEARCHY is a high-precision CNC sheet metal machinery supplier in China. We supply high quality high precision CNC shearing machines in reasonable price. Today let me introduce SHEARCHY high precision shearing machine to you!

CNC High Precision Shearing Machine Configuration

CNC High Precision Shearing Machine adopts Germany ELGO computer control system. The accumulator returns smoothly and quickly. The shearing straightness  is ±0.03mm, which can be adjusted. CNC system controls the length, width, thickness and shear angle of the shears.

  • SHEARCHY CNC High Precision Shearing Machine Characteristics:
  • Use the latest computer technology.
  • Advantages of compact structure, stable operation and complete function
  • Computer control system can offer unique solutions to adjust back gauge stroke, blade clearance, shear angle and shear stroke.
  • Back gauge is axial control mode; servo motor controls back gauge stroke
  • Its moving structure is composed of linear guide and ball screw.
  • Back gauge block is taper structure, which is convenient for blocking the sheet after shearing angle changed.
  • The computer controls shear angle according to line encoder feedback data.
  • There are shear angle and blade gap corresponding lists in the computer. Adjust the blade clearance according to corresponding material lists.
  • French Schneider electric works stably and fault-free.
  • The straightness of blade holder is adjustable. High accuracy blade can be changed at will.
  • Working table is Y-type structure, which has self-compensation function that can improve shearing precision.
  • Integrated hydraulic valve set, which is stable and reliable.
  • The energy accumulator returns: running smoothly and no hydraulic shock sound.
  • Equipped with a cooling device to reduce the temperature of cylinder and ensure the shearing machine can work continuously and stably in hot environment.


Because of our competitive advantage in price, quality, advanced technology and after-sales service, SHEARCHY shearing machines have been sold all over the world and have won a common compliment of our partners and customers. SHEARCHY shearing machines are widely used in road lamp pole, communication tower, electric power pole, machinery, electron, automobile, ship, household electric appliance, kitchen equipment, building decoration and other board material processing industry.

WUXI SHEARCHY is a new type of Technology Company which takes technology as the guide, specializing in the production of CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine and plate bending rollers. We have strong resource advantages, excellent management system and experienced work teams. We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you!