After customers buy sheet metal press brake machine, it is important for them to learn the correct operation precautions. This article introduces how to operate the hydraulic press brake machine correctly.

press brake safety operation

1. Precautions Before Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Operation

1.1 Before turn on the press brake machine, refuel according to the provisions of the lubrication chart, check the oil circuit, oil cup, and oil quantity to find out whether the oil quality is good and whether the oil circuit is smooth.

1.2 Check whether the condition of each hydraulic press brake part is normal, whether the upper and lower die are in the specified position, and whether the oil pump motor is running normally.

1.3 After turn on the oil pump, run it idly for 3 to 5 minutes, check and confirm the working status of the hydraulic sheet metal press brake machine, and start working only after confirming that it is normal.

2. Operation precautions

2.1 During operation, the pressed workpiece should be placed in the middle of the upper and lower dies and parallel to them. During the working process of the plate bending brake machine, it is strictly forbidden to overhaul or adjust the press brake tooling.

2.2 When bend long and large workpieces, two people (or more) are required to operate. It is necessary to avoid tipping over the workpiece due to the force and deformation of the workpiece, and it is not allowed to hold the pressed workpiece at closed range.

2.3 When correcting or bending the workpiece, the workpiece should be placed in the middle position of the hydraulic press brake, and no bias bending is allowed. The upper die should slowly approach the workpiece to prevent the workpiece from being forced out.

2.4 Always check whether the strokes of the two cylinders are consistent during work, otherwise adjust or report for repair in time. When the cylinder piston is found to vibrate or the oil pump screams, the air in the oil circuit must be exhausted.

2.5 Always pay attention to the oil tank and observe whether the oil level is suitable. If the oil level is too high, check the oil return pipeline, adjust the oil return valve, and strictly prohibit overflowing the oil tank. Keep working oil temperature ≤45℃.

2.6 When the control valve and safety valve fail or the safety protection device is not perfect, it is not allowed to continue to sell the work.

2.7 The regulating valve and pressure gauge are strictly prohibited from being adjusted by others, and the operator must tighten it after adjustment.

2.8 When the working pressure is too high, the oil return valve must be checked and adjusted, and the work can only be carried out after the fault is eliminated.

2.9 It is strictly forbidden for the upper die to exceed the maximum stroke.

2.10 During the working process, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the middle of the upper and lower molds.

2.11 Regularly check the travel switch and safety protection device to ensure the reliable operation of the machine.

2.12 When adjusting the press brake toolings or overhauling, the oil pump must be turned off to ensure safety.

2.13 When using the crane to hoist the workpiece, you should strictly abide by the safety technical operation rules for the operation of the crane and the ground (hook) operation, and cooperate closely.

3. Turn Off Precautions

3.1 The press brake upper and dies should be in a closed state before turn off the press brake machine. Turn off the machine according to the following procedure: first turn off the working oil pump, then turn off the control power supply, and finally cut off the main power supply.

3.2 After the work is completed, the machine tool should be cleaned, and the workpiece should be placed in the designated place.