Horizontal CNC V Grooving Machine for sale

V Grooving Machine processes V-shaped slots before bending sheet metal plate. Thus, the bent work piece has clear edges and corners, correct matching and beautiful appearance. What’s more, the special profile with complex shape can be produced by general bending dies on standard press brake machine after v-grooving.

Which CNC V Grooving Machine is better?

How to select sheet metal grooving machine manufacturer?

Brand is the soul of a sheet metal machine enterprise. At present, there are many kinds of grooving machinery products, but few good brands. Why do some enterprises not attach importance to brand, only research and development? As a result, good products are hampered by the lack of a good brand.

How does manufacturer build a good groove machine brand?

As a professional v-grooving machine manufacturer, we believe that:

In order to create a good machine brand, we must have reliable product quality, excellent after-sales service and image-building marketing and publicity. All three are indispensable.

Grooving machine market is very broad. But because of the low popularity, the production is not up. Brand awareness is a kind of management concept. Advanced brand awareness of CNC v grooving machine keeps our enterprises in the forefront of the market in the competition.

Sheet Metal Groove Machines Development

As the market becomes more segmented, the focus of future development steel groove machines will tend to fast, efficient, convenient, and low consumption. In particular, the demand for groovers will be greater and larger, which requires the vast number of enterprises to seriously scientific research technology, development and upgrading products. Breaking through fixed thinking, the industry will continue to mature in the upgrading and transformation. Competition upgrade and brand change will become the trend of the future grooving market.

Shearchy steel groove equipment use automatic pneumatic clamping device for work piece clamping. The metal sheet slotting machine adopts large touch screen. Also, the tool feed is controlled and displayed by PLC. Tooling holder movement uses variable frequency speed. So, the operation is convenient and reliable, and the positioning accuracy is good. Moreover, double-tool cutting has high production efficiency.

As one of the leading and professional steel plate groove machine suppliers in China, WUXI SHEARCHY now warmly welcomes you to buy the quality, precise and durable machine for sale from our factory. Please be free to check the price with us!