CNC Hydraulic Metal Plate Shear Machine

With the rapid development of economy, the requirements for high efficiency and low cost of production are increasingly strict. Due to continuous innovation in industrial automation, the working speed of special machine tools for metal bending and shearing forming needs to be continuously improved. Leading hydraulic metal shear manufacturer Shearchy will introduce high speed plate shears for you!

High Speed Plate Shears Introduction

Through independent research and development and design, we have developed and produced CNC high-speed shearing machine based on the original ordinary hydraulic guillotine shears.

Its cutting speed is 2 times higher than that of the ordinary metal shears. It is suitable for the shearing process of 6mm to 16mm thick thin plates. Its maximum cut length can reach 4000 mm.

Compared with ordinary hydraulic plate shearing machines:

When the shear angle is 3 ° and the total sheet length is 4000mm, the speed can reach 10 times per minute. When cutting in sections, the speed even can reach more than 40 times per minute.

In addition to the cutting speed, CNC high-speed guillotine hydraulic shears have the following advantages:

  • Shearing quality is greatly improved and the shearing burr is less.
  • The shear stress is small, which can effectively reduce the deformation of the shear plate.
  • Advantages of high-speed metal cut:
    1. Time of cutting edge extrusion wear reduced.
    2. Durability of guillotine shear blades increased relatively.
    3. Using life of steel cutting blade increased.
    4. The instantaneous deformation of the fuselage is small.
    5. Shear accuracy effectively improved.
    6. Accuracy per meter can reach ± 0.05mm.
High Speed Hydraulic Shearing Machine SHENCHONG
High Speed Hydraulic Shearing Machine SHENCHONG

Difficulties in CNC hydraulic shear machine high-speed design and manufacture

Because of the high speed of sheet shears, the requirements of high wear resistance put forward in the hydraulic cylinder. We pay special attention to the design of hydraulic cylinder: 45# steel quenching and tempering treatment, inner bore finishing and extrusion specially used to improve the inner surface strength; the piston rod is also 45# steel quenching and tempering treatment. And, the surface is nickel plated with phosphorus to improve the wear resistance.

Hydraulic oil temperature and cooling device

Hydraulic high speed plate shears because of the fast speed, hydraulic system oil temperature rise will be fast. Its hydraulic oil temperature control range is 45 to 55 ℃. If the oil temperature is too high, the thinning of hydraulic oil will directly affect the shear strength. Also, it will cause oil leakage. Therefore, guillotine shear machines equipped with air cooling device system make the oil temperature in the working process not exceed the standard.

In order to improve the shearing efficiency, it is an indispensable best choice for factories in the area with high working temperature.