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What is the difference between press brake and hydraulic press

Hydraulic press brake is essentially different from hydraulic press machine. Although they are used for sheet metal processing, their structural principles and final machining accuracy are different.

hydraulic system for hydraulic press brake

Cylinders difference:

The biggest difference between the press brake machinery and the hydraulic press is that their cylinders are completely different, which determines their use characteristics. The advantage of the press brake is that he can pressurize because the press brake has stroke adjustment, if one The stroke of the cylinder is 200mm, so that he can pressurize at any point within the range below this stroke, which determines that his bending angle can be used multiple times in one set, while the press is used. It is completely manual alignment of the bending angle, and it cannot be used innumerable times.

Generally, a regular bending with a length of more than 2000 MM is a press brake machinery, and a press is mostly used for processing irregular shaped parts. This is because the press can be eccentrically and the folding machine cannot be eccentric for a long time. Longer eccentric load will cause oil leakage and wear on the cylinder. The actual press cannot be over-loaded for a long time, but the eccentric load time he can withstand is longer than the press brake time.



Throat Depth difference:

Another difference is that the bending depth of the press brake machinery is limited, and the output after bending is sometimes limited to the side discharge cannot be taken out from the front, and the throat depth of the press is far more than the press brake, and he The lifting height is also higher than that of the press brake. Many of them are completely taken from the front, which makes it easy to process. Therefore, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they must decide the processing equipment according to the processing requirements.

Standard or not:

Besides that, press brake is a national standard equipment and the press is a non-standard equipment. The precision of their processing is completely different. The press brake can be used as a punch, but he has no punching efficiency.

Precision or general using:

The press brake machinery has a higher precision, and the pressure has its advantages. The press can perform the eccentric machining in a certain range. He is used for many different shapes in the shipbuilding, and the press brake cannot be biased, can only be applied to more regular bending.

Finally, punching machine is more of a finishing type than the above two types of machinery, rather than sheet metal processing, and has a mechanical hydraulic type.

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