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CNC machine tool innovation and development

The constant changes of cnc machine tool market demand forces enterprises to keep carrying out technological innovation. Whether it is successful or not will be tested by the market. Also, the value of innovation will be reflected in the market. SHEARCHY Technology attaches great importance to market guidance for innovation, grasp market information and pay attention to market changes. Meanwhile, we take the market demand to lead innovation and drive innovation to realize the enterprise innovation chain to extend to the market demand.

In terms of technical performance and quality, China CNC machine tool has a huge gap with foreign countries. So for years, Chinese machines have mistaken for cheap, low-quality machines with poor performance. This is a key problem that must overcome in the development of foreign markets. To eliminate this gap, we should rely on and can only rely on improving our own technology innovation capacity of machine tool enterprises. WUXI SHEARCHY is making unremitting efforts to improve our product quality and learn advanced technology to develop new products.

SHEARCHY improve sheet metal machine tools technology

In recent years, SHEARCHY technicians have regularly gone abroad to study advanced technologies and improve our products. At the same time, our sales representatives actively participate in exhibitions all around the world to change ideas with other professionals and expand new market. Nowadays, WUXI SHEARCHY has successfully entered the international market. With our competitive advantage in quality and after-sales service, our hydraulic press brake and tools sell well all over the country and exported to Latin America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Expand Metal Forming Machine Tool Market

WUXI SHEARCHY adheres to the policy of “Set up good image by management, win market by quality”. So we carefully builds the brand and serves every customer wholeheartedly. Our company gives full play to the advantages of technology, talent, information and industry. Also, we promote the application of digital manufacturing technology and the innovation of new products. SHEARCHY has established a production, teaching and research base to constantly improve the quality of products. We will keep developing the capacity for innovation in science and technology as a central part of improving structural adjustment and enhancing competitiveness. What’s more, we will accelerate the development of an innovation system as well.

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