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Hydraulic Shear Machine wear failure is the metal forming machine problem predicated in design and inevitable in use. It is because of normal wear and tear.

Shearing Machine Wear Failure

According to the nature of  fault, we divide it into congenital problems, normal wearing and misusage.

Shear Machine Wear Problems Classification

Generally, normal wearing problem is the most common and regular fault. Classification: visible wear and invisible wear.

Visible Wear

It includes the change of physical form caused by friction, impact, vibration, fatigue, corrosion and deformation in use. And it causes the functions to gradually (or suddenly) decrease to the point of loss. At the same time, it also includes the machine tool function change or loss in the idle process of the plate shears,which results in corrosion, deterioration, aging and other reasons.

Invisible Wear

It is reflected in the depreciation of the value of the equipment. It is not caused by the influence of natural forces in the process of use.
Generally speaking, there are two reasons for hydraulic shear machine devaluation:

  • As a result of technical progress and improvement of labor productivity, the consumption cost of producing the same sheet metal processing equipment is constantly reduced, which forces the original machine equipment to depreciate in value.
  • New equipment superior to the original equipment in structure, principle, function, cost and other aspects has appeared. Then, the original equipment appeared to be technically obsolete and functionally backward.

How to deal with wearing problems of hydraulic shearing machine?

Professional metal shear manufacturers will do using life prediction, replacement parts or components and gap compensation to sovle the problems.

The solution to wear problems in machinery usage is compensation. Wear compensation is to restore or improve the function of equipment system components, and take additional investment in technical organization measures. The mode and degree of wear is different, the compensation mode is different. So, there are three ways: repair, replacement and technical renovation.

Shearchy cutting machine blade wearing

  • Slight wear: Users can grind the blade. But do not grind the blade too much or too many times. In addition, the tool grinding and other processing all needs professional manufacturers.
  • Severe wear: Replace the shearing blade parts.
  • Invisible wear: Wuxi Shearchy will take measures to improve technical performance of machine.

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