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What is CNC Shearing Machine?

CNC shearing machine is processing equipment that shears sheet metal by reciprocating linear motion of two blades. By means of moving upper blade and fixed lower blade, it adopts reasonable blade gap to apply shear force to various sheet metal so that the sheet is broken and separated according to the required size. It is one kind of forging press machine. The products processed by CNC shears are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, ship, automobile, electric power, electric appliance, decoration industries and other industries.

Today, WUXI SHEARCHY will share you some information about CNC hydraulic shearing machine. What are the main features of CNC shearing machine? How to operate and maintain CNC shears?

Main performance features of CNC hydraulic Shearing Machine:

  • The equipment is all steel welding mechanism, hydraulic transmission, vibration stress relief, with good rigidity and stability.
  • Adopt advanced hydraulic integrated valve block, compact structure, reduce pipeline connection, improving system reliability and maintainability.
  • The series oil cylinder makes the shear angle not change during cutting.
  • The main oil cylinder (fixed on the wall board) moves downward control shear movement and nitrogen cylinder control return, so the hydraulic system is simplified and the operation is more stable.

Common faults, fault cause and troubleshooting:

  • Power supply, indicator light on, motor cannot start

    Power supply lacks of one phase or main control line virtual connects.
    Check power supply and control line and total stop button.

  • Automatic shear unstable operating

    Virtual connection of corresponding control circuit.
    Check the line for virtual connection.

  • Plate cross section is in different thickness

    The blade is not straight and the size of the slit is not consistent.
    Re-sharpen the blade and adjust the slit.

  • The plate surface is not smooth.

    The blade is not sharp.
    Sharpen the blade

  • Blade lifting is slow, not enough lifting force, not enough lifting height, even cannot lift

    Nitrogen cylinder pressure is insufficient. Add high pressure nitrogen.
    The upper and lower blades are stuck. Adjust the blade clearance.
    The return pressure valve is broken. Change the return pressure valve.
    Oil leakage in cylinder. Change oil cylinder seal.

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